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AlertSmart enables LIVE vessel messaging based on user defined parameters. Sensor data from SeaSmartTM network adapters is continuously monitored and checked against a database of user defined parameters. If any conditions require an Alert, Cloud servers will perform the desired action whether it be a SMS text message, email, Tweets, or other linked service. Utilizing Cloud servers for messaging ensures reliable uptime regardless of the conditions. For example, it a storm takes out power, servers can detect the event and still provide notification.

AlertSmart provides a LIVE status screen of all your configured Alerts which can be viewed on modern browser anywhere, anytime. Sensor triggers can be set using drop-down menus and then attached to user configured messaging services for reliable delivery. You can even configure periodic messages just to know what is going on.

Register multiple SeaSmart network adapters and monitor an entire fleet of vessels using the power of internet services. - - -
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