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MapSmart is a web site that links data from SeaSmartTM network gateways to GoogleMaps and Navionics marine chart overlays. Stored data is retrieved using high-speed search engines and merged with GoogleMaps based on user specified time frames and data overlay parameters. Vessel data such as speed, depth, wind direction, water temp, and much more can be recalled with lat/long and plotted with a color-coded values for visual representation of the selected parameter. will allow display of geographical locations and vessel parameters for both live and historical data using powerful cloud based servers. Data can be streamed live from SeaSmartTM network adapters or from cloud based data storage anywhere. utilizes the latest Web technologies to enable display on modern browser based devices including PCs, tablets, SmartPhone, iPads, and phones using widely available internet connections. Since data is already hosted in high speed search engines, retrieval is fast and responsive allowing for instant updates even at sea. - - -
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